The Beauty of Grey

If winter is black and summer is white; then autumn and spring are grey.

Spring brings robins and tulips and the awakening of our senses. 

The rain ignites the green scents and uncovers colors otherwise buried in snow or nasty slush. Flowers and perennial herbs pop out of the thawed ground. Birds come back or become more active, chirping and tweeting, singing their serenades. Animals and people become more frisky. 

I love how the season has turned from cold, numb, blandness to vibrant, spontaneous energy. 

Another opportunity to experience the variety of nature. To take what moments are offered in our busy lives to enjoy the symphony of senses we are blessed with.

Changing seasons remind me of how our lives change. Of how we cannot always control the fact they do. But we can see the signs, the little things that let us know change is coming our way. And we can do our best to step back and see the beauty in the transition, to recognize and accept what is happening. 

I cannot speak for everyone, of course, but it certainly is hard to allow change to have its way. We get stuck in a happy summer or content cozy winter and then, oh noes, when did things begin to change? 

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