Just like every other person I’ve met who has broken skin and planted color, I’ve craved to get back into the chair. I’ve resisted the urge plenty over the years. Most of the time it is a money issue so I don’t even venture an estimate.
After many years, I still want to  get inked with this:

It will cross my mind and then I consider placement. On my arm with a Sakura tree in blossom, branches reaching over the top of my shoulder into my collar. Then which side, I wonder? I have problems with my right shoulder. I fear one day needing surgery or something. I’ve always felt a kinship with the energy/concept of dryads. Share their life-force with a particular tree. They sustain each other in a symbiotic relationship. I didn’t find a particular dryad in mythology that connects to a Sakura tree. 




Until I grew attached to the Sakura tree for it’s beauty and representation of the transience of life, I was very much considering the oak tree. For many reasons it would be perfect, but for some reasons it would not be wholly me. I love the Laurel tree but the blossoms are white and I’m not so sure that it will work for me. The Laurel is associated with inspiration and being a creative person I feel that it would behoove me to be further linked with that.

I’ll figure it out eventually I suppose. Talk a bit with a tattoo artist. We’ll see.

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