The Last Day

It is the last day of my daughter’s kindergarten year and I am more emotional than she is. I figure it must be a mile-stone for both of us. The journey into the world for her and a journey for me of letting her go a little bit more. I imagine that this is the only time I will ever see her running to my car with her arms spread open yelling, “It’s the last day!”
She grew at least two inches since it started. I’ve noticed she will be able to wear her clothes for a while unless they become too short or I run out stain-fighter one day or it doesn’t work.
She is reading now. She didn’t seem very interested in it before school. Now I am grateful because she is reading her Dr. Seuss books all by herself! Her daddy and I are book people so we are excited she so interested. She’ll be doing the Lucas-County Library’s Summer Reading Program and YMCA’s Splash Program to learn safety in the water. Looking forward to having her home more. And then as August approaches….I’ll be looking forward to school starting, lol.

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