Paving a road to better health

Yup, it has been a while. Hope all is well with you, Reader. Lately, I’ve been focused on other things, trying to get habits formed. I joined a gym. I am spending money on going somewhere else to work out. At home there is an exercise bike and I made my hubbie go out a purchase WII Fit a long time ago. Sure it offers the opportunity but I’ve figured out that the opportunity is at home, where it seems there are so many other things that are more important to do! Like reorganize Lily’s toys or a wall that needs to be wiped down. Riiiight.

I figured out that I need someplace else to go to workout, to focus on my body. I need to make an effort to make an appointment with someone else (personal trainer, my mom, workout buddy, etc.) to get there and do it. Once there, what else am I going to do but workout? And if there is someone to talk to, well, I’ve trained myself to talk and work as an employee; why not do that at the gym!

What I needed to make sure I exercise:
1. Someplace else other than home.
2. Make an appointment with someone or just myself.
3. Make an effort to immerse myself in the culture of exercise.

This last may seem odd to you and maybe there is a better way of saying it. But I find it’s easy for me to think of it as a “culture”. I guess it’s an academic way of looking at it because a gym, in its way, is a community like anywhere else. They even have a nutrition bar at this place. Where you can drink your food!
The whole exercise concept of caring for your body, listening to it, treating right is a culture. And I want in!

I found out some interesting things on my journey to a healthier me. Did you know that a person can have an allergic reaction to exercise? Yeah, if a person consumes something that gives them a mild reaction, one that may not be noticeable any other given day and then tries to do the healthy thing and work it out; the act of working out causes the reaction to become more severe! Possibly even anaphylactic shock!

I looked this up because I noticed my skin itching after working out. I thought it had something to do with sweating. Like my pores were kicking up a fuss after prolonged abandonment. Of course, it has stopped doing that. So it probably was my laundry detergent, stubborn dye or something in the fabric of my workout clothes, who knows. But I’m fine, I don’t see foaming at the mouth while trying to stair-step in my future thankfully : )

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