Baking cookies in December

After November’s word madness, I decided to take a month off of writing. I slipped here and there, but for the most part I didn’t push myself. Baking took over my free time in December. At first I just wanted to try out some recipes I saw in Real Simple Magazine (didn’t work out because of #1 and another was a cut-out) and then some LUPEC members brought up  a cookie exchange (I baked maroons and gave them chocolate bottoms, nom-nom-nom). In my quest to find a fun yummy recipe I found many! I thought: hey, why not make cookies for some people I exchange presents with? So I asked my parents and a couple friends what their favorite cookies are. I’ve not baked many cookies in my life, so this was a bit of an adventure.

10 things I learned on my novice baking adventure:

1.  Do not use wax paper for a cookie sheet liner. It smokes and I wasn’t sure which side was which. Oops!

2.  Parchment Paper is one of the MVP’s for baking cookies. A liner that I reused a couple times and kept my cookie sheets clean. The cookies just slide right off.

3.  Freezing the dough before you bake for at least an hour aids in a plump soft cookie.

4.  Baking right after you mix the dough will yield a crisp flat cookie.

5.  If it is brown on the edges with a little color on top, take it out! It will finish cooking on the cooling rack. (believe me)

5. Do not try to whisk egg whites by hand to stiff white peaks unless you have the stamina and endurance to whisk forever! Use a hand mixer.

6. When in doubt drizzle or dip in chocolate. Always a win o/

7.  A three-tiered cooling rack is a must have.

8.  There is a three ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe: 1 cup peanut butter, 1 egg, 1 cup sugar. Dense and crisp.

9. Need all light-colored cookie sheets or all dark cookie sheets (decrease oven temperature). Don’t mix light and dark. Cool sheets in-between baking, too.

10.  I’m good at drop cookies. Cut-out cookies are my bane! I probably just need a better rolling pin…and practice…lol

There is still baking to do but essentially I’m done for the season. It felt like a good thing to do for the holiday season. I like cooking and baking. And I appreciate my friends that do it too. Especially, Jeanie, she is quite experienced with baking. She even sells her awesome cheesecakes! That’s how good her baking is.

Ta-ta for now.

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