Car troubles

Money and cars are some of those things I can get very anxious about. I have a Honda Civic and it turns out I should not have had the guys at the Discount Lube “service my transmission”, though they suggested it. Afterward my car decelerated even though I was pressing on the gas making the RPMs rev up on the E-way. It was very disconcerting. A nice trucker came by and let me use his cell phone to call my friends. Then an officer came by to make sure we were okay. Very nice guy. He had me call the lube place and they sent someone out to look at it. Seriously hoping it was as simple as a cap not screwed on or something…but no…turns out to be something else. (???) The cop left when Tony showed up (awesome friend; stayed with Lily and I the whole time). The lube guy had me start it up and it moved but then it stopped, ack, disappointing. Charlie, from the Discount Lube, who is very nice and honest, tells me they should have never changed my trans fluid because my car had the fluid so long that it grew to like it. Turns out to be a bad idea to flush something old, to put something new in because that “something old” is probably holding things together and once it was removed….well, hell; how was I supposed to know. Me–always learning new things and a facepalm for not calling one of my guys to ask if it was an okay thing to get my transmission serviced. Cars just befuddle me sometimes. Like computers I learn by necessity.

It was towed by AAA (thanks to Tony)  to a mechanic that the Lube place manager knows.  At least I have a paper trail with witnesses. The last one of our cars was towed by a company that stole it or they said someone stole it out of their yard from Cleveland. And this, after two weeks of me calling them asking where the car was because I haven’t seen it since it broke down. Yeah, I have reason to be anxious. Advice: have your car towed by a company that is recommended by an insurance company or AAA. That is if you don’t have emergency roadside or AAA. Moments like these make it seem worth spending an extra bit on insurance or whatever, don’t it?

Now, I’m waiting for a call from the mechanic letting me know if the new (non-refundable) solenoid thingy-ma-jigy that the Discount Lube place is paying for will make my car go. I really hope it does. I missed my silver compact beauty and I really don’t want to be mean/assertive about getting a larger bill paid by the place that stopped it from going in the first place. Sweet trany don’t go out on me yet.

Big thanks to Tony for staying with us,  to Dottie for loaning him out for like four hours and the AAA tow they gave up for me, sending much love.

**Update: Unfortunately my transmission is shot. I’ve done my own searching to check out prices and other info. I found out that my 2001 Honda Civic LX is the worst year for transmission failure. Regardless of this my car did work just fine before I went to get an oil change and the transmission serviced. The manager at the lube place offered to pay for half and we are making our half happen. We figure we should be satisfied with this because the cost and time it would take to go through a lawyer wouldn’t be worth it. I am generally not a vindictive or petty person or someone that is stubborn and stands on principle until everyone around me is broken down from the emotional stress. I just want my car back so I can get a nice job when Lily goes to kindergarten.

Poem: Making Butter

Making Butter

Words flow slow
trickle or fast
whole milkfall
into awaiting bucket.

stir into a semblance.

Write it.
Cap it,
Then shake.
Time makes it

Skim milk
into memory jug
for cooking.

Roll against the cream
in the bowl.
Experience washes
over it again and again.

Do not overwork
or it will become waxy
without voice.
Do not underwork
or it will be diluted.

Inspired by actually making butter with heavy cream in a jar. Thanks Patricia.

Poem: Abalone


Retina of the moon;
iridescent spiral,
of young Nebulae.

Layered cradle valley;
holder of sage
and sweetgrass
smoke; fanned
by a pheasant wing.