Poem: Loud Flowers

Loud Flowers

Fireworks announced,
Lily high-marches back.
Arms and braids bouncing free.
Somehow still holding my hand,
Along the river’s edge.
Her tot energy discharging each step.
Waiting is a learned ability.
She sits in my lap
As a white star spirals from the ground;
Bright sparkling tail
A warning-boom,
Like a sledgehammer hit the cement sky.
She allows my arms to wrap around
Her torso.
As she goes from whimper
To giggle and back again.
She whispers as they appear,
“Blue, pink, purple, green, red.”
Most are puffs of petals,
Some are orchids.
Even golden weeping willows,
Like the one in grandma’s
Yard that tickles her head
As she plays under it.
A moment under the smoke stems
Of instant sparkles in the night.
Her golden head turns up
And giggling expands
To high-pitched laughter.
Dark skies
In her blue eyes now reflect
The flowers above.
Smiling she rocks
Out of my crossed legs
Jumps and jogs to her Aunt’s lap.
Stretching her body
Pointing, she tells her
The colors blooming in the sky.