Poem: Winter Wren at a Stoplight

Winter Wren at a Stoplight


Bordering busy city ways
and broken corn stalks
sticking up through the snow.
Atop a lonely frozen cattail,
rooted in an ice ditch
covered in white, small claws hold tight.

Twitch-tail, shot straight up
from a brown-black feathered egg.
Tiny wings flutter to stay balanced
in the cold-coating wind that carry
a melody to listening souls.


You are far from your dark home
within the heartwood of an ash;
to bring your carol here
at a stoplight,
where everyone is only waiting.

Are you waiting for your throne
to thaw and sway?
to dance to your melody?
Are you singing
like the crocus through the snow
for strength like the pine?

Swift as cirrus clouds,
Brother Robin will come, red-breast gleaming,
in the strengthening light of Spring.
to give you rest when the worms
are freed with the rain.

This poem I’ve revised, revised, revised, everytime I see it I do something to it. Hope you enjoy it’s latest incarnation. Inspired by the folklore of the robin of the warmer seasons, bringer of spring and the wren of the colder seasons, the bringer of autumn. The winter wren is a stick around kinda bird who has a beautiful song.

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