Laryngitis, Laundry, Talking

I’ve been outta commission for the past, eh, two weeks, I suppose. It started when I went to the laundry-mat to do laundry since our clothes-washer’s motor burned up. Can’t complain, that baby lasted for close to four years and we thought when we got it for free with it’s front panel falling off that it would only last for six months. The next saturday we bought a used washer though so don’t worry about me.

I didn’t mind the change of scenery to the laundry-mat because Grandpa took the munchkin and I was left to do as I liked, which was read. So I get home with the laundry and I am sniffling. I think being there in all that lint-filled air set my nose on overtime. I was sneezing, itchy, general bleck-ness. I held on like usual to my health because I’m a mom and that’s what moms do, at least the moms I know. We’re multi-taskers, nothing can slow us down!

Unfortunately, I had to make a deal with my body. It’s okay to get sick once a year for more than a day. I still fight. Drinking OJ, tea, vitamin C, anti-oxidants, fruit, etc. Sometimes I can feel it coming on a fend it off in the matter of a couple days. But that laundry-mat gave it an opening. *sigh*

It was escalating as the weekend came and went. The next weekend I was determined to go to this LUPEC party (Ladies United for the Protection of Endangered Cocktails). I joined their tribe and will be hosting a party in a couple weeks (attending parties and hosting one are the only dues!) I was determined to go, even if I had to wear a breathing mask! Plus there was a Pure Romance presentation fit in to the evening. It was fun, drunk and admiting what a freak I am in a room full of women of which I only know a few. No biggie, I’m an open book pretty much anyway.

By the end of that particular night, my voice was gone. I know what your thinking, I was screaming like a yahoo at a windmill, no not that kind of party. It was because the snot falling down my throat finally settled around my voice box. Well, really my throat was probably swollen or whatever. But this happens every year, I know what I’m talking about.

The next day I wasn’t worth squat. I couldn’t talk, or think past two seconds into the future. I was thankful that there were so many leftovers in the fridge that I didn’t have to do much except call off work (which sucked since I do not get that many hours anyway).

My friend, Dottie, asked me since I couldn’t talk, did I write a lot? No, if it wasn’t something that I could do in the recliner and not think or move a whole lot I wasn’t doing it. She was referring to the fact that I like to talk a lot. She loves to tease. “Tease those you love, so they know you love them.”

In my defense, I don’t think I talk as much as I did when I was younger (early twenties) but that’s debatable I suppose. I usually talk a lot when I’m nervous, around people I don’t know, in front a group of people, or when I’m over-energetic after a ritual or something equally intense. I actually found early on that if I forcefully shout/breathe I can discharge it, a strong short “HA!” accomplishes the task. Some people need to walk or stomp barefoot on the earth or rub their hands along something earthy because that’s where they feel the energy trying to get out….I have to send it out on words.

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