Novel Writing

So, I’m working on trying to get a novel down. And I realized I have a process (just like with everything else). I’m a bit of a free spirit but even I need structure. I’ve written poetry, short stories and about three chapters to two novel ideas that I’ve had. But novel writing is overwhelming. To stay with a story that long can be make one feel bogged down. I remember from college a professor telling me that some people write a sequence of short stories about he same person, idea, or subject, etc. and then it links together as a novel. I thought about that. Then I thought more about my process. I write notes. Then put them together later. You know, a good characterizing sentence, plot point, or description of a place or thing. I fill it out later. Revise, revise, revise. I was telling my man the other day that I’m going to have to make sure I recycle my paper because I cannot revise from one window to the next. I have to print it out and rekey the entire thing. Just works out better that way for me. Always has. I have a hard time sitting in one spot generally as well. I’d rather write it out on paper standing in the kitchen waiting for dinner┬áthan sit at the computer staring at this screen that makes my eyes get dry. I find it stifling. While paper is patient with me, computers give me the feeling of go-go-go. Probably a conditioned thing. I’ve considered getting one of those “netbooks”, those small laptops because I wanted to save paper. Now I’m not sure about that idea…eh, we’ll see.

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