Rockband Night

My friends and I get together and most of the time we play Rockband, for lack of any other constructive planned activity. It hasn’t grown old since my hubbie and I started playing (got addicted, thank you Holly and Jeremi) a few years ago. Right now, Tony, a deep-voiced burly man is singing Alanis Morissette. As you can imagine, this is how I decided to get away : ) Love you Gwyd-man, but it’s weird hearing you get all breathy female then do a healthy grunt of “yeah!” when overdrive kicks in. Makes me think that you’d look crude-pretty in a dress. Oh wait, I know where the image is coming from…Halloween–you costumed as a hooker. *mental shake*

I prefer drums and/or vocals, yet I’m not very good at the whole Phil Collins singing-while-I-drum attempt, actually, so scratch that “and”. But I do fairly well all considering. We are so familiar with the game that when any of us start up there are specific songs for each individual, favorites if you will. Favs my friends like me to sing usually revolve around those angry-femmy-songs or as another friend puts it angry-about-having-tits or periods or something like that. Yeah I get a kick outta that description. Reminds me of those ladies who are stuck in that “I-have-every-reason-and-right-to-hate-men” place. Sad place to be, I think. My mamma told me when I was young to acquire my own house, car and way in life before getting with a man. Of course, I also remember her telling me that then it can’t be in his name, therefore, he can’t take it away. Maybe it planted some resentment seeds. Fostered a streak of independence, I suppose, but I really don’t want to hate something that I want. Eh, I think most woman having gone past the hard pit of feminism are enjoying the temporal part where they know who they are, what they want and hopefully have a partner who supports them and vice-versa. 

Okay time for Rage Against the Machine chipmunk style. wOOt!

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