Music: Florence and The Machine

New favorite album Lungs by Florence and The Machine. I’ve been listening to this for about a week. Then I realized I became very tired while driving, figured I needed a break. It’s “trancey” as my husband calls this kind of music. Good percussion, playful melodies. Florence Welch’s voice is smooth and soulful, a cross between Mazzy Star and Tori Amos. The lyrics have a pagan feel in my opinion. The vid here (embedding is disabled, sorry!) further confirms it for me. I love the allusions to myths and stories known for their deeper psychological meaning (i.e. through the looking glass, Midas, etc.) in the lyrics, rich with meaning. Apparently this album was inspired by a break up between the lead and her boyfriend. The vid looks like a Renaissance wedding or Beltane celebration up until they float her in white coffin. Commentary on innocence? Anyway, has four more music videos you can check out. The style of this band is unique. I can’t wait for their next album.

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