Another Dream I Will Not Interpret 1: The Future And Snuggies

The vid above is not what my dream was exactly but it relates. I often will have moments of lucidity in my dreams where I run commentary on the events. In this particular dream I was in third person pov viewing a futuristic society where everyone was wearing Snuggies. My mind recognized them as Snuggies but then I realized that they looked like monk robes without hoods. Granted most cannot link monk and cult but lets not forget that by definition a cult, in an adverse sense, is a small group participating in unorthodox or false (as viewed by outsiders) rites and ceremonies that generally do not jive with the whole of society. Every religion has been there, is there, or will be there. It’s a phase of the lifespan of any religion really.

I woke up when my left brain started butting into the dream and left the Snuggie world with a weird feeling. I’ve told this to a lot of people just because it is so bizarre, only natural that I post it!

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